Our office uses SignNow (a bank encrypted) electronic signature platform.

The instructions are very straight forward:

  • First you will receive a request for electronic signature. The Header of this email will show “<LastName, FirstName> (Electronic Signature Request)” – note Figure 1 below.
Figure 1 – Email requesting electronic signature
  • As noted above (Figure 1), click or tap the View Document button.
Figure 2 – App or web browser

Sign with Mobile Browser

As shown above (Figure 2), select the Sign with Mobile Browser link

Figure 3 – Number of signatures required

As shown above (Figure 3), you will then be notified how many signatures are required (in our example two signatures are required). Continue with tapping or clicking on the Get Started button.

Figure 4 – Start signature process
  • Your default web browser app will open and display the SignNow app. It will open and show the document, (note above Figure 4). Continue with clicking or tapping on the Start button (top right corner).
Figure 5 – Showing outlined signature button
  • As noted above (Figure 5) you will be moved to the signature location.
Figure 6 – Active Signature Button
  • Look for the Signature Field button (button border – white interior – shown above Figure 6) within the current screen. Continue with select that Signature Field button.
Figure 7 Signature Options

As shown above (Figure 7), the ways to sign window will appear, continue by typing your legal name and then you can select from (along the top of the window):

Figure 8 Signature Style
  • Change Style (default), as show above – Figure 8, you can select from various signature fonts which creates your signature based on the legal name typed
Figure 9 – Draw Signature Box
  • Draw your Signature, (as show above Figure 9) where you can type your signature and select a signature font.
Figure 10 – Draw Signature Box (Signed)

As show above – Figure 10, continue drawing your signature using your finger or stylus. If you make an error or the signature does not look similar to your actual signature then select Clear (top right above signature box). Once you have completed the drawing of your signature then select Sign (bottom right).

Figure 11 – Signature inserted in document

As show above – Figure 11, you will see your signature added to the document.

If you have more than one signature required in the document you will see the Right arrow button in the top right corner, (note above). Continue with selecting the Right arrow button which will then,

Figure 12 Next signature position

move you to the next signature location (as show above – Figure 12). Repeat the signature process by selecting the Signature Field (outlined blue border with white interior button area) – as shown above above. Once you are done you may see a Done button appearing in the top right corner – if not no worries as,

Figure 13 – Signatures Done Download option

if you do not see the Done button you will be see the document process (where it encrypts the document for transmission to our office). As shown above – Figure 13, you will now have the option to either Download the signed document (dont worry as you will also receive a copy of the signed document in your email – once all parties have completed the signing process as if there is more than one signer, SignNow will then send the document to the next signer to complete.

If you do not want to download the document – knowing that you will receive a copy of the signed document (once all parties have signed if applicable), you can simply close your web browser app.

Figure 14 – Document Downloaded

If you opted to select the Download Document button then as shown above – Figure 14, the document will downloaded (secured PDF format) – to your device default documents folder and be displayed on screen where you can select the Share button (bottom middle) where you can share using various methods.

Figure 15 All Done!

😀 Congratulationsyou have electronically signed your document – note Figure 15 and no need to share or email to our office as we have already automatically received the signed document (once all parties have completed the electronic signature process).

Download SignNow App

Figure 16 – App selection

As shown above (Figure 16) continue by selecting the Download App button.

Figure 17 – App Store

As shown above (Figure 17) you will be taken to the App store (Figure 17 shows Apple App store). Continue with downloading the app.

Figure 18 – Open in SignNow

As shown above (Figure 18) you will be asked to Open in SignNow. Continue by selecting the Open button.

I Have the App

Figure 19 App Options

 If you have installed the app and already opened the app disregard this paragraph. If you have not already installed the App the Click here for instructions. As shown above (Figure 19) select the I Have the App button.

Figure 20 – App Welcome screen

As shown above (Figure 20) select the Ready button on the welcome window.

Figure 21 – Showing Document

As shown above (Figure 21) you will see the Right Arrow button (top left corner of screen) Select this Right Arrow to continue.

Figure 22 Signature Button shown

As shown in Figure 22 select the Signature button.

Figure 23 Signature window

As shown in Figure 23 continue with signing with either your finger or stylus. Note that you can select type of pen style (bottom right corner of window) as well as the color of the ink (bottom right).

Figure 24 – Next Signature (if applicable)

If there is only one signature required in this document, skip this paragraph. If there is more than one signature you will be moved to the next signature location (note Figure 24). Repeat the signature process. When the signature window appears you may see your previous signature appearing (depends on device operating system version).

Figure 25 All signatures captured

As shown in Figure 25 the top middle area will shown you how many signatures completed along with total number of signatures required. Once both numbers match (2/2) as shown above in Figure 25 then continue with select the Done button (top right hand corner of window).

Figure 26 Save or Close document

As shown above in Figure 26, you will now have the option to either:

  • Save option, if you already have either a paid or free SignNow account you can save the document to your online SignNow library.
  • Close document will close the document within the SignNow app – don’t worry as you will automatically receive the signed document (once all parties have signed – if applicable) – Note Figure 27 below.
Figure 27 Document Signed E-Mail

If you experience any issue in the electronic signature process please Click here to contact our office where we can either troubleshoot your issue and even can use other methods to obtain your signatures.